Situation Cares partners with Givenik which offers great deals on tickets while donating 5% of the total ticket price to a variety of charities. To direct your 5% to the Situation Cares/Ian Bennett Memorial Fund, click here.

The Situation Cares/Ian Bennett Memorial Scholarship is open to seniors attending any Orange County New York-based high school and who plan to attend college upon graduation. Candidates are expected to submit three examples of their art, which may be in the form of design, music and/or performing arts, and an essay no greater than three pages, explaining how they have demonstrated a desire for success in both their personal and academic life. All submissions are to be submitted electronically and creativity is encouraged. Interested candidates should submit their application.

The Situation Project is an agency initiative and is not currently accepting monetary donations. However, if you’re interested in getting involved through the donation of time or expertise, or if you’d like more information on how you might create a similar school/company partnership, please email