Looking for the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?
The CEO of 826 National, a network of tutoring programs that targets under-resourced youths, has a prediction on where you might find them.They may not be where you think.

Memories: Our Greatest Inheritance
Click here to watch a feature from CBS Sunday Morning on the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation, an organization that treats late stage cancer patients not with medicine but with amazing experiences for their entire family with the purpose of leaving surviving spouses and children with “cherished, lasting (indispensable) memories.” We love their mantra: The Best Part of Memories is Making Them® and ultimately Memories become our greatest inheritance®. For more information on the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation, click here.

The Right Way to Try to Buy Happiness
Carl Richards, author of The Behavior Gap, offers some ideas on things you can do with your money that research shows will make you happy. Hint: It’s not a new purse.

When Money Buys Happiness
Josh Tierney reports on research conducted by behavioral psychologist, Geoffrey Miller, that supports Situation’s founding principle: The world is a better place when people are doing things, not having things. Click here to read Tierney’s findings.