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Rewarding artistic risk

Innovation has been one of Situation’s four core values since the very beginning, and at the beginning, there was Ian Bennett... Ian Bennett, our first Creative Director, understood that innovation isn’t instant and that progress is often made through artistic risk. We know that change doesn’t always come easy, and it’s usually the product of trial-and-error. Over the years we learned that if a change was going to happen, then it’s up to us to carve more opportunities for innovation to thrive. We also learned that we needed to encourage more young voices to take creative chances so that they could lead the way once that path was carved. To motivate the leaders of tomorrow, we believe they should be rewarded today for their demonstration of taking artistic risks in their personal and professional pursuits. Through the Ian Bennett/Situation Cares Memorial Fund, we have created a path to supporting future young professionals who are stretching their imaginations in the present.


Ian Bennett/Situation Cares Memorial Scholarship


On April 15, 2007, Situation lost one of our first employees and great friends, Ian Bennett, at the age of 26. Ian was a creative rockstar and a revolutionary in everything he did. He was a musician, an artist, and an overall incredible creative genius. He made music with passion, and he created websites and online experiences that have set the benchmark of excellence for our agency. But, most importantly, he was an amazing person who you always wanted to have around. He is sorely missed.

A scholarship fund called the "Ian Bennett/Situation Cares Memorial Fund" was established in honor of Ian. Every year, a high school student is awarded a $2,000 scholarship to help support their higher education. The winning student is someone who embodies and shares Ian's ability to take artistic risks.

The Situation Cares/Ian Bennett Memorial Scholarship is open to seniors attending any Orange County New York-based high school and who plan to attend college upon graduation. Candidates are expected to submit three examples of their art, which may be in the form of design, music, or performing arts. Candidates are also expected to submit an essay explaining how they have demonstrated a desire for success in both their personal and academic lives. The essay should be no more than three pages.  All submissions are to be submitted electronically, and creativity is highly encouraged.

We are now accepting applications for the 2019 Scholarship. The deadline for applications is April 19, 2019. If you would like to apply, please fill out the form below.

To support The Situation Cares/Ian Bennett Memorial Scholarship, you can donate here.


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